Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13 - Old Songs, New Meaning

We are on Day 13 of our Christmas Devotional. Our topic which can be found on page 53 is Old Songs, New Meaning
Today’s Bible Verse:
Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember?
Mark 8:18
Hope to see you tonight as LFC hosts a Christmas Carol Celebration in Russet Woods Park at 6:30.  The park is at the corner of Top O’ Tree Lane and Russet Hollow Rd.


  1. Yes, it is so fitting that tonight is the LFC Christmas Carol Event in Russet Woods. I am so sad that I will miss it (it is my son-in-law's Bday today) because I love singing carols. When I was a child, I lived on various Air Force Bases and we children were always involved with a church group. It was non-denominational and depending on who the Chaplain was (or his wife) we would go caroling every year. I knew all the verses to all the traditional carols and it gave me such comfort to be with a group of like-minded friends and belt out those songs for all to hear. To this day, even though I may have forgotten every word, I still belt out those songs of joy. So if you see me singing in the car at this time of year, you know what is playing on the radio!

  2. What a surprize when I saw that today's painting was of a group of carollers singing. When we set the date for our caroling in the park, we had no idea this would be today's reflection. The author talks about Christmas music losing its meaning when we are constantly hearing it. I don't agree. When I actually LISTEN to it, I get a sense of hope and pleasure from the music - going back to earlier days in the devotional about remembering. Tonight I think I will pay more attention to the words - especially to the verses I don't know.

  3. It probably won't surprise anyone that music is an important part of our Christmas tradition. Toni has these really old lights with little bell covers that play a continuous string of carols - one after the other with a distinctive "click" between songs. Toni is always the first one up, and she turns those lights on first thing! Andrew and Jon have both grown up with this tradition. I have to admit the lights can be a little irritating at times, but it will be a sad Christmas when they no longer work!
    Mickie- I hate you missed the Caroling, but we'll be doing it again at Moonlight on the Mountain at 6:30 Wednesday evening (December 18), Free! Please come join us, and belt out songs of joy!!!