Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 8 - What Do You Remember

Today is the beginning of week 2. Hope you are enjoying our Christmas devotional.

Look on page 33 to find today’s reading, Day 8 – What Do You Remember

Today’s Bible Verse:

Tell your children about it,
Let your children tell their children,
And their children another generation.

Joel  1:3

We would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Thomas is right - memories do have a way of attaching to Christmas. I was remembering a Christmas to match each instance in the second paragraph, except that my parents didn't encourage puppies or guitars (how ironic) and thankfully my parents are still alive and well. I remember bright, wonderful Christmases and dark, heavy ones. And each is woven into the fabric that is me.

  2. I love the author's description on page 34', " When you look backon your own life, the memories of Christmases past seem to string out behind you like a row of lighted lamp posts". I agree that Christmas memories are the most vivid - from the depths of despair to the happiest of times. Christmas Eve is very special to me because it was the first time I went to church by myself after being away from God for a very long period of time. That was a year of hope and a sign of better times to come.

  3. I liked the imagery of the lamposts, too, Toni.

    I have several Christmas stories from my youth that I would love to share with my children. One is about the time Santa made his toy delivery early. My mom was out running errands and 7 year old me was left at home with the housekeeper and a very young brother. I was playing in my parents' bedroom and wanted to "dress up" and went to their closet and found Christmas! I had all the boxes out and was so excited at my discoveries. My mother came home and was shocked to see me surrounded by boxes of toys. She explained to me that Santa had contacted her to see if it was ok to drop the toys off. I looked at her with delight and total trust. We put the toys back, and I waited patiently for Christmas morning. That year was so very special for me, because I knew what would be under my tree and the excitement I displayed on Dec. 25th that year was just as true as it always had been.

    1. One year when I was about 5 they had this decorated tape to use on Christmas packages. My mother and I had wrapped several presents using the special tape. On Christmas morning, I noticed that my presents from Santa were wrapped with the same tape. I thought it was great that Santa had the same tape and my mother choked.... She quickly said that Santa was busy and had asked her to wrap the packages for him. I thought that was a little strange - would have been fine with Santa having the same brand of tape.