Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 14 - A Tapestry of Tradition

Today is Day 14 - A Tapestry of Tradition. Our readings can be found on page 57 of the Thomas Kinkade Devotional.
Today’s Bible Verse
And the little child shall lead them.
Isaiah 11:6
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  1. This is especially moving for me this year. Patrick on several occasions this year has said to Brian and I that he does not understand why we get so many presents and baby jesus only received 3. Brian told him that Jesus loves us so much that he wants us to celebrate his birthday and that is why we get so many presents. He has continued to bring it up one specific morning on the way to school that he said it again I had an overwhelming sense of peace and had a revelation that we should only receive 3 presents. I spoke with Brian and we decided that we would keep 3 presents from the Santa stash and donate the rest. I was so moved by this that I wrote an email to all the Grandparents letting them know. My mother in laws response was " let the little child lead them". This reading really stood out to me this week it hit so close to home and reinforced the fact that this is what I am supposed to do. We have had a really hard month with Brian not working and no job prospect on the horizon of all times to not be working. It gave me such a sense of peace about Christmas this year and took some of the stress away. I have such a sense of peace knowing other children will have a good christmas like my children will.

  2. Sounds like Patrick really gets it! And he can lead us all to the true spirit of Christmas. Way to go, Patrick!