Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day Three - A Time for Discovery

Today’s reading can be found on page 13, Day 3 – A Time for Discovery

Today’s Bible Verse

My soul magnifies the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior…
And holy is HIS name.
And His mercy is on those who fear Him
From generation to generation.

Luke 1:46-50

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  1. How many times have you pulled out your nativity set, opened the box and were disappointed that the first figure you unwrapped was not the Baby Jesus? Let go of that. It took a lot of preparation for the arrival of Christ on the earth. As you hold each piece of the nativity, think on what part Joseph played? What about that cow or donkey? Why is it important they are part of the scene?

  2. I love what the author says in the last paragraph on page 14; to pull out dusty boxes of carefully wrapped decorations is an act of hope, a bold act of faith that says in the very doing that Christmas will come again, that in this home will will proclaim the coming of the Christ child, and DESPITE whatever limitations we face in our circumstances, our finances, our relationships, we again prepare to discover anew the presence of Christ in the world.To open the boxes of decorations is to open our hearts. To pull back the lids is to pull back the "ordinary" of our everyday lives.... There is such excitement in the air this time of year - so much much expectation so much hope and the birth of the Christ child changes the ordinary.

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  4. I was smiling as I read because we recently put up our tree and as I was unpacking the boxes and as I saw the ornaments that brought back special memories, I was filled with joy. What a wonderful reminder of the magic of Christmas and joy that Christ brings to my life.

  5. We have a similar tradition in our home. The day after Thanksgiving Toni and I go out together and buy the tree. Then on Saturday, we decorate. I must confess that, in my male mind, decorating the tree seems more like a task. But the ornaments bring back memories. We can remember when we bought this ornament or that one, and what was going on in our lives at that time. And it gives us a way to share our experiences with each other.

  6. I noticed this year as We were putting up the tree that after about 5 minutes my sister and I were they only ones left decorating!!!! It made it seem like a task and I vow to not do that next year it will be more organized and I will have piles for each child of which ornaments they can hang instead of screeching at them that they are going to break something! I can understand why they left the room now.

    1. I saw a commercial years ago. There was a birthday party and all the kids and adults were running around and having a great time and the mother was all stressed out and yelling at everybody. I thought - I don't want my kids to remember me that way. I think that was the point were a cluttered house and an imperfect tree became to norm.