Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 9 - Looking Like Christmas

Today is Day 9 – Looking Like Christmas. Our readings can be found on page 37 of the Thomas Kinkade Devotional.
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord.
Isaiah 11:9
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  1. The topic of this is "Looking Like Christmas", but I guess my question is what does Christmas really look like? I think the answer depends on the person and their perspective of Christmas. I learned early in life (about 5 or 6) that there was no Santa Claus and I believed it, I raised my children to believe the same thing. I wanted them to know the real meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas. To me Christmas is everyday. God gives us gifts every single day. Everyday that we wake up us a gift (a gift of life), every time we take a breath that's a gift, to be able to look at our children is a gift. When I was younger there were times that I looked forward to Christmas coming and then there were those time when I didn't, (I guess because I knew I really wasn't going to get much). It was hurtful, but now that I am an adult I realize that I wasn't celebrating Christmas for the right reason. Over the past few years I too have noticed that Christmas items are being put in stores two and sometimes three months earlier and we start buying it then (racking up). The stores do it to see who can get the most money, but why do we do it, is it because we want to make sure we get the best of the best or is it because we have truly forgotten the TRUE meaning of Christmas. But one thing for sure the author is right (the end result is always the same, for that one day of the year we come together as one, we show our love to one another on this day (even if we don't do it anymore through out the year). Most importantly we show our love for Christ. After all Jesus Christ really is the reason for the season.