Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5 - Transformation Takes Time

Today’s Living Faith Community reading can be found on page 21, Day 5 – Transformation Takes Time

Today’s Bible Verse:

But we all . . . are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory,
just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

Corinthians 3:18

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  1. Today's entry really spoke to me. I can still remember my dad untangling the lights and not being happy about it. I don't think that he was angry at the lights, but at my mom for bugging him to do it. I think it is sad that is a memory from my childhood that sticks with me to this day. I hope that my children do not have one of those memories that they cannot forget.

    I love the last sentence in this devotion "...memories are made in the doing, not in attaining an ideal." Many, many years ago I "let go" of having a perfectly decorated" Christmas tree. I found that it was much more fun to let my kids put ornaments where they thought they should go. So what if most of the do-dads were at the bottom of the tree! Children are short, and they put their favorite ornaments where they can see them. I get more joy out of their glorious faces than in having a "balanced" tree.

    What is ironic about this entry is that Griff put up our tree yesterday for me. Today I get to decorate it. Last year I had my 3 year old grand-daughter to help me. I am sad that she goes to school 4 days a week now and I see her less often. So, today I will decorate my tree and remember (with much joy) the years when the children were underfoot while I sip my coffee with eggnog flavored creamer.

  2. As Thomas Kinkade spoke of the process of his artwork, I looked back at the painting and saw all the details in his work. I thought about how tiny some of the brushes must have been to get the desired effect. What patience that required. I loved how he captured the lights in the windows and how the lights gave a sense of warmth to the home. When it comes to my home, I always say that it needs more warmth. I don't like a lot of things and I have never enjoyed decorating so accomplishing more warmth is a challenge. However during Christmas season our home always feels warmer. We only have a tree up but in the evening with the tree is decorated and lite, it feels warm and has such a simple beauty. It's a good reminder of how God wants to transform and the beauty that will come in that process.

  3. I was wondering - does anybody know one of those professional decorators that can transform ME? Like just make me the person I need to be without all the work, the pain, the introspection, the PATIENCE - and do it NOW!
    I didn't think so.